Why spend thousands of dollars in your automation projects and PLCs when you can make them with just hundreds?


You are invited to discover a new universe of hi-tech Industrial Automation at excellent prices.

PLC Training

Now we offer several and affordable ways for you to learn about industrial automation and PLCs. From the comfort of your home.
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Fundamentals of PLC Programming

Our book on PLC fundamentals is the ideal choice of professors of Universities and Colleges, that have a regular course on Programmable Automation Controllers ( PLCs) or Industrial Automation Processes ( PACs )
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Low cost and powerful PLCs

PLCs.Digital and analog I/Os, Display, High speed inputs, PWM outputs, clock/calendar, RS485/232 internet/Ethernet comm ports, flexible programming in Ladder+Basic, etc �All what you wanted to have in a PLC , you will get it in our Super PLCs T100 Series.
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Programmable Automation Controllers

A PLC, a PC and SCADA all together in the same equipment. Explore incalculable possibilities with our new WINPAC A PLC which works with Windows CE and have ports to connect a VGA monitor, Keyboard and Mouse!
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Remote Modules

Discover our Remote modules with 8 independent channels to measure Temperature (any type of thermocouple) , Voltage (0-5VDC, 0-10VDC) or Current (0-20 Ma, 4-20Ma) and for any PLC, PC or SCADA thru its RS485 Modbus port.
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Low cost Operator panels

We offer you a complete line of really low cost Operator Panels. Either you want just a simple display or more powerful interfaces.
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Smallest PLC of the world

Our 6 In/ 4 Out Mini PLCs(5x5x1 cm), include the RS485/232 port and the price is also MINI. If you need just multiple digital I/O take a look to our H Series.
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Research and Education equipment

  • Climate change Fitotr�n�.
  • Algae Biofuel Pilot Plant�.
  • Malt Beer Soda Pilot plant�.
  • Bioethanol Pilot Plant�.
  • Speed, position and generation plant�.
  • Solar heating system.�
  • Hydrogen cells trainer�.
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Speed, Position and Generation Plant

  • PLC trainer (Generic, AB, siemens, etc.).
  • Solar and Eolic energy trainer.
  • Water supply plant.
  • Inverted pendulum.
  • Motor- generator plant.
  • Motor- generator plant.
  • Drives.�
  • Other didactic process (in preparation).
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PLC programming courses in Miami. We offer courses in English and Spanish. Online or Personal Courses.

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Our prices are so competitive that most of the times we can be up to 60% less expensive than the brand you are currently using. Powerful multinational companies like , that could afford to use the most expensive technologies and the most famous industrial automation brands� are using some of our equipments. The reason is simple: lower automation costs mean huge savings.


AngloGold Ltd (South Africa) - the world's largest gold mining corporation. ST Microelectronics (Singapore) - world's sixth largest semi-conductor manufacturer. Tetrapak (Singapore)- world's largest packaging equipment maker. Intel (Penang) - world's largest.... well, you know who they are. We recently learned that Intel Israel is also using the Super PLCs. SAIC (USA) - Fortune 500 company, supplier to the U.S. Airforce and NASA. Newport News Industrial (USA) - $5 billion company, supplier to the U.S. Navy. Bristol Myers Squibb Company (NYSE:BMY) - $20 billion pharmaceutical company. Unilever Research - Research arm of one of the world's largest conglomerates. TRW Automotive (NYSE: TRW). Electrocontrol SA (Colombia) - One of the largest ballast manufacturers in latinamerica. Pegaucho SA (Colombia)- Biggest glue manufacturer in Colombia. LG Philips (Mexico) A worldwide known electronics company. Filamentos Industriales SA (Peru) Ranked 277 of the most important peruvian companies. Antillean Paper & Plastic Co N.V (Curacao) Big manufacturer in the beatiful touristic island. Salmones del Pacifico Sur Sa (Chile) One of the biggest chilean fish exporters.

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