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Educational and Research Equipment
Mini-Plant Malt/Beer/Soda Production Plant

This mini-plant is one of the first real processes.It was developed to provide training , with a better and practical approach to the automation or control of industrial processses, for all type of disciplines such us: electrical, electronics, mechanics, mechatronics, acontrol, automation, industrial, chemical, food and beverages, enviromental and production.

You can make lab practices on feedback, PID, multivariable and robust control. Several techniques such as classical, modern, and advanced control can be applied. All of them in real context. For technical, engineering, master or doctorate studies.

This system is both: educational and real. The whole process is instrumental according to your needs to produce small batches of Malta, Beer or Soda.

One of the advantages is the modularity of the complete system which includes separate workstations to help the trainer in serving more students simultaneously. For example, three groups can work on level or pressure without interfering among them..Read more...
A lab and a training system your students will never forget!!!
Mini-Plant Hydrogen Cell Trainer
LT - AE - FC

A new training system which will allow you:

  • To know all the technology behind the fuel cell
  • How to generate electricity from hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Regulate the voltage and turn it into effective work on read loads.
  • Parasitic load monitoring.
  • Simulate process on fuel efficiency.
  • Understand the concepts on technology which makes a vehicle more efficient with the hydrogen generation.
  • Know about all the environmental advantages of this technology.... Read more...
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Algae Biofuel Pilot Plant
Research and learn on one of the most interesting topics of the future

Discover why the big oil companies are inverting on Algae technology

For many years it was consider tat the biomass coming from the vegetables products was a good solution to the complex situation of replacing fossil fuel.
From 2009, new research studies allowed to know that the fuel obtained from the algae, has more advantages, than those ones derivate from the food, to partially or totally replace fossil fuel.
Our biofuel algae production plant is a novedous initiative to allows you to know the algae process and you will understand why it has became the focus of vegetable production.
Our plant allows you to do research, education, training and entre entrepreneurship around one of the most interesting technologies.... Read more...

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Speed, Position and Generation Plant

This control lab is now more real.
Now students from different engineering background can make control labs from more realistic perspective: Our Speed, Position and Generation plant is of 250 watts.

Three different control practices.
The system allows to work position control: 0-360 degrees, Speed control: 0-1730rpm/60rpm, Voltage generation: 0-90VDC. For the visualization there is a front indicator.

PC or stand-alone control.
You can use a PC and your favorite control software along with signal conditioning boards. You can also use all types of control devices such us micro-controller, PLC, DAQ boards or stand-alone PCs. We offer you our powerful PTS F1616 control trainer for standalone applications where no computer is needed. See features. .....Read more....


Manual or Automatic Operation.
By switching a single selector, the plant can be commuted to operate either in manual or automatic mode. In manual mode the instructor can show the students all the features and desired operation. In automatic mode the student uses all type of control device to perform the control system.

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Inverted Pendulum

The inverted pendulum is an excellent lab practice for those interested in control, systems, mechanics, process, electronics, mechatronics   and robotics. This is a very fundamental application for robotics to understand among other concepts, the equilibrium concept.

The pendulum is one of the typical applications in control theory. Despite it’s simple appearance, its importance relies on the fact that control algorithms can be numerous and complex.

For human beings it is relatively easy to balance a sweep on the finger’s tip. Our brain coordinates the movement of the hand with the needed force and direction to avoid the sweep yo fall or to lose its equilibrium condition. But for robots it´s quite a task ............Read more....


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Water Treatment Mini-Plant
LT - W - 01
planta de agua 1

This trainer allows to understand the operation of system to supply urban and rural locations.
From the educational point of view this plant allows you:

  • Study of the electrical behavior of a tri-phase motor, measuring of its electrical parameters, usages and consumption optimization, efficiency, traceability, consumption and operational cost.
  • Manual and electrical activation of different control valves to command conditions on water supply capacity of a municipality water system.
  • Variable measurement of related variables like pressure, flow, level. Alarm signal to help in control decisions.
  • Verifying the way a simple filtering system works and understand the effects on water purification of water supply system. The filter can be removed.
  • Understanding of water extraction on rural locations.

If you get our PTS F1616 trainer to use it as control element, you can make also the following practices...... Read more...

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Bioethanol From Biomass Mini Production Plant

The technology to replace fossil fuels
  • Ethanol from biomass
  • Research on other celulose alternatives.
  • Learn all the processes involved in these technologies.

The world is currently needing a change to improve the vital conditions. In the quest for oil’s substitutes, researchers have been exploring renewables materials like wheat, sugar cane and oil plant, but since these ones are considered food, most of the scientists agree on the fact that food security can be affected.

Excellent for Research and Education.

Our bioethanol production plant is the ideal match for any research on biofuel production from biodegradable material (Biomass) manily starch, allowing you experimentation from different angles.


This Bioethanol production plant is able to produce small batches of ethanol from different vegetable raw material, to allow the experimentation and research on their efficiency.

This production plant can be adapted according to the education curriculum train on multivariable control in technical disciplines related to mechatronic, electrical, electronic or industrial engineering.

One of the big advantages of our plant relies on the fact the several groups of students can work simultaneously on the equipment. The control is not limited to a particular brand so you can use multiple controllers or PLC manufactures. However, if you use our PTSF1616[*] you will have a versatile and economic solution to perform both: simple and advanced process control.... Read more....

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Climate Chamber - Phytotron


This advanced system is very useful to experiment the effects of Humidity, Temperature and Light on plants and tissues. We can consider it as an Envirotron because it is designed to simulate extreme environmental conditions similar to the ones the world experiences with climate change. Red and Blue lights make the equipment unique in the world

In many research fields it is required an advanced and flexible system to generate Humidity, Temperature and Light profiles.
With this environmental chamber you can:

  • Simulate extreme environmental conditions.
  • Grow plants and tissues.
  • Research on how vegetables species are affected by adverse environments.
  • Accelerate tests of climate change on vegetable systems..
  • Experiment with artificial light (Red or Blue spectrum) on plant growth.


General Features

  • 5” Full Color Touch Screen
  • Trends and graphics of variables (T, RH and Light)
  • Data logging  and downloading to Excel ( SD Memory)
  • Control from the touch panel
  • 15 step profiles for Temperature, Humidity and Light.
  • Preset of alarms and notifications.
  • Programmable clock and calendar actions.
  • Temperature control with gradient: 2 to 47°C ± 1°C.
  • Humidity control from 50 to 90%.
  • Three temperature sensors located on different positions in the chamber.
  • Normal ac outlet connection


Really for Climate Change!

Trainer for Solar and Wind (Eolic) Energy

Discover all the power of the alternative energies and experiment about its efficiency. This system allows students and researchers understand, simulate and use the generated energy.

Our Solar and Eolic energy trainer is loaded with several advantages

More generation power.

1000W in Solar cell.
200W in Eolic generator and AC/DC voltage.

Grid compatible with hybrid technology to grow an alternative energy. Scalable control.

Open a close loop to perform control trough our PLC Trainer F1616 or every external system.

Load band with terminal to make efficiency and regulator test.

DC motor, to simulate wind generator. AC and DC output characterization.

Speed control for DC motor which can be controlled by potentiometer or by a 0-10V remote signal. Multipurpose trainer PTS F1616 to make simulation and stand-alone control. PC with open software to control, simulate, graphs and data registration. Excellent tool to develop your applications. Halogen lamp system to simulate solar rotation on the photovoltaic system.  Measurement of electrical parameters: voltage and current generation. AC/DC.

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¡With Control and Data Acquisition System!

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